Western: Azali
Eastern: Kysar


Saliir (Kingdom)
Azamir (City-State)
Rivenmyst (Ravine)
Dureena (Republic)

Elysian (Kingdom)
Xenori (Kingdom)
Starlinor (Kingdom)
Tir'gul (Kingdom)
Tir'gal (Kingdom)

Major Cities:

Saliir: D'nira, Miralee, Tinabula
Azamir: Kinian, Sterling, Dymlos, Crais, Anatir
Dureena: Watercrest, Silvara, Tintagel

Elysian: Zalasir, Aurne, Saraan, Hyilli, Felgia
Xenori: Benali, Evrish, Davalia
Starlinor: Renael, Veranosh
Tir'gul: Minan, Vailos
Tir'gal: Reilin, Orel


Lakes: Krysali, Zu'kara
Forests: Saliir, Ravenwood
M. Ranges: Cateni, Lunarsun

Lakes: Kress
Forests: Nagen, Madena, Dramira
M. Ranges: Mahlon, Avari (Volcano)
Deserts: Stardust

Oceans: Eskanisha, Redair, South Syph'ika
Seas/Bays: Deep Sea of Clouds, Bay of Senou


Azalia:Goddess of Light
Dirakar: God of Darkness

Tirasli: Two faced god of Time, some times seen as Tira, and some times seen as Asli.


Saliir is the largest region on the continent, occupying nearly half of Azali. As a kingdom, its the center of trade and culture for the continent with its rich and lively festivals. Its capital of D'nira is one of the largest cities in all of Azali and holds the Summer Star Festival, Startica, Saliir's biggest festival. Miralee is a very religious town, as it is built around the Sinazar Temple, one of the two temples to Azalia, the guardian star over the continent of Azali. Tinabula is the second largest city in the kingdom and is known as the Golden City of Bells, as there are bells everywhere, in every shape and size imaginable, even some of the buildings are bells. Near the center of Saliir is the large lake of Krysali.

Running nearly the entire width of Azali, the ravine of Rivenmyst lies across the land marking the southeast border of Saliir. The ravine is home to a single soul that lives in the only castle that sits on the top of a mountain at the center of the ravine, while a river plunges down the northeastern corner, to snake its way along the ravine under the bridge spanning across to the castle. The forrests around the ravine appeare dead, drained forever of life, the trees dark and twisted, most with leaves. Savage wolf packs roam these forests making them home, and prowl along the only road leading from the bridge to the main road that leads from D'nira and snakes along to Miralee and Tinabula. Many a poor soul has taken the left road at the fork, and was neve heard from again. Rivenmyst is a manapool for Dark Mages, as it holds a great amount of dark power.

To the southeast of Rivenmyst lies the City-State, Azamir, a region nearly as big as Saliir. The City-State consists of five major cities bound together in a treaty, and the lands each governs over. Kinian is the smallest of the five and resides in the southwestern region, and is commonly called the city of trees, as it sits at the edge of the small part of the Saliir forest that extends down around Rivenmyst into the City-State.
Across the small Cateni mountain range to the east is Crais, a city built on both banks of one of the main rivers, and in some places spans across it. To the east, across the bay is the city of Anatir. Anatir is a city who's pride and economy comes from the many hotsprings within its walls. Due north of Crais across the lake is the dark city of Dymlos, the city closest to Rivenmyst and the effects of the dark magic residing there is clearly seen in this city. Back to the west, just north of Kinian on the other side of the forest is a city competely in contrast to Dymlos.
Called Sterling for a reason, this city is litterally sitting on a gold mine, rathera silver mine, several of them. And many of the buildings are decorated with silver trinkets and designs. These five cities suround the lake of Zu'kara, and three fisherman towns serve as ports on the lake, as travel from one region to another is mainly done by boat.

Across the Takiishi feilds and Saliir forest to the west lies the long slender region of Dureena. Dureena has a President instead of a king, and is setup as a republic. Its capital city of Watercrest is really nothing more than a large town built on floating rafts in the Bay of Naito. In the north, the city of Silvara much resembles Sterling down in Azamir, as it is siting among the silver mines of the Lunarsun mountains, which stretch down the middle of the region like a spine. To the far south on the east side of the Lunarsun mountains is Tintagel. Tintagel is known as the sister city of Tinabula in Saliir, as Tinabula is the Golden City of Bells, Tintagel is the Silver City of Bells. Tinabula is often refered to by the citizens of Tintagel as the City of the Sun, and their Tintagel is the City of the Moon.

To the north and west of Azali lies the great ocean of Eskanisha, and the Deep Sea of Clouds lies to the southwest, while the southern polar region consists of the South Syph'ika ocean. To the east is Redair. Beyond Redair lies the second continet, Kysar.

With the Redair Ocean to the west, and Eskanisha to the north and east, the southern most coast borders the South Syph'ika ocean, while the Bay of Senou sits along the southwestern coast of Kysar. Standing tall and pround in the southern end of the bay, just east of the kingdom of Starlinor, is Avari, a still active volcano, though dormant at the moment.

The kingdom of Starlinor, named for its magnificant crystal structures and the Stardust Desert which marks much of the northeastern region, this kingdom consists of only two major cities, and a few scattered towns and villages. The captial of Renael is known for its castle, a single towering crystaline structure carved into ages ago. Known as the Crystal Tower to outsiders, the people of the kingdom know it as the Starlite Castle. Renael lies near the southern coast of Starlinor.
Almost due north is the desert city of Veranosh. Sitting at the western edge of the Stardust desert, this arid city is known for its Black Crystal windows, eyewear and jewelry, for desert travel. Refining black crystals called Darkstars, found in the caverns below the city and in many mountious regions world wide, Veranosh prospers in the dry desert heat.

Across the desert to the east, is the largest kingdom on Kysar. Travelers to this region from the outerlying kingdoms are strongly warned and discouraged to travel through the kingdom of Elysian as it is held under the iron grip of an evil ruler. The caputal city of Zalasir sits at the center of the kingdom, near one of two rivers leading from Lake Kress on the western border. The second river makes up part of the eastern border with the lake as the border's center. The Stardust desert dominates the southeastern most region, with the forest of Najen between it and the city of Saraan. Saraan is a city known for its game hunting and exotic foods.
The eastern border is marked by the Mahlon mountain range, and the city of Hyilli sits nestled in a valley at the foot of the mountains, known for its rare and precsious gemstones mined from the mountains. To the north along the nrothern coast are the cities of Felgia in the eastern region and Aurne in the western region. Little is really known about these two cities, and there's no evidence of major commodities in either one.

To the east, across the mountains, is the secluded kingdom of of Xenori. Really nothing more than a pair of peninsulas, two island chains, and a forest. Xenori's port of call is its trade routes around to the rest of Kysar, and across the Eskanisha Ocean to the republic of Dureena on Azali. The capital of Benali lies on the south peninsula, just south of the Madena forest, which is known as the jewel of Kysar with its rich trade economy.
On an island to the south east, is the city of Davalia, which is, for the most part, the largest city on Kysar, as it takes up the entire island, from the ports and beaches, all the way up to the castle and guildhouse on the hill. Art, reading and writing, smithing, music and magic are all tought in the guildhouse, even the youngest of the Xenori knights come here to learn and train.
On the north peninsula, some of the Madena forest sits on the southern coast, with the city of Evrish which is famous for its hot springs and rare spices found only in the surrounding feilds and plains.

Back to the west, beyond Lake Kress, lie the twin kingdoms of Tir'gal in the north and Tir'gul in the south. Long ago, the two kingdoms were made as one, called Tirasar, but a civil war broke out over a reglious matter. Half the kingdom believes in Tira, God of the time and the ocean. The other half believe in Asli, the God of time and the sky. Many people of the two kingdoms, long after the war ended with the seperation of the kingdom, believe that Tira and Asli are infact just two faces of the true god of time, sky and ocean. Although one would think them rare, shrines to Tirasli, are found in both kingdoms in the small towns scattered throughout the lands. Tirasli looks to the past and future, watching the skies and oceans of time.
Tir'gal, meaning Time and Sky, follows the God, Tira. Tira looks to the future upon the sky's horizion. Its capital of Reilin was built as a temple city to Tira and is famous for Tiran, a tower taller than any other on Aurame, with huge clock faces on its four sides. Even the clock tower of Dirakar Castle cannot compare. The tower is named after their god, Tira. On an island to the west, is Orel, a small city that is very similar to Davalia, but on a much smaller scale.
Tir'gul, meaning Time and Earth, follows the God, Asli. Asli looks to the past on the waters of the ocean. The capital of Minan lies at the center of the kingdom like Reilin, but is seen from above as a giant sundial. On the small peninsula to the west sits the city of Vailos. Vailos is another city known for its hot springs, spices, and trading.
The forest of Dramira, takes up about half of Tir'gal, and reaches just past the border into Tir'gul, while Lake Kress and one of its rivers form the east border of Tir'gul.
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