Crystal Falls Castle


Marking the entrance to Watercrest, this ancient castle fom a time long since past, still stands as a monument to an ancient race that lived beneath the waters of the bay, their ruins a treasure trove for those who claim brave enough to venture into the dark waters and the treachrous depths there in. Seeming to stand in silence overlooking the bay and the city of Watercrest, Crystal Falls stands in all its glory, uncganed by the hands of time since the day it ws built.

Legend has it, that the last princess to live in the castle was waiting for her prince to return from a war fought over seas. His ship never made it in, and the stories handed down through the generations say she just went crazy, and ran out into the ocean calling out his name. And to this day, they claim, if you go down by the water you'll see footprints in the sand.
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