Lunarsun Mountains


Looking north from the great silver city of bells, Tintagel, the majestic Lunarsun Mountains stretch off into the horizon as far as the eye can see. capped in snow and ice, the peaks reach towards the wintry sky above. Travel across the mountains is high perilous and should not be done without a guide from Tintagel. The great city climbs up the sides of the mountain range and from the far side of the city, the mountain pass lead up further into the mountains. On one of the snowy crests, the road forks, one headeding west to Watercrest, the other on north through the mountains to Silvara. Even with a guide, extreme cautions should be taken, in both preparing for, and during, the journey. Several wild creatures make these beautiful mountains their home, and the bone chilling cold tempertures alone can be hazardous without the proper gear. With a temperture of about 20 degress above 0 during the day, the nights can drop to almost 300 degress below 0, which is about 27 degress above Absolute Zero, the point where all molecular activity ceases.
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