Stardust Desert

Border between Starlinor and Elysian

The majority of Starlinor consists of a desert, which stretches into the southern region of Elysian. The only desert on Aurame, the stardust desert is a sight to see for foreigners, if they have the proper eye wear. Heat's not the main problem here. The clothing of the desert city Veranosh, which sits at the edge of the desert in Starlinor, is made from a special material that keeps the body cool even in the worst heat. The Stardust Desert is so named because it is the only place where one can find Stardust in great amounts, as rare as it is. Stardust in its compact solid form, is a silvery crystal that has no real shape, but usually resembles a three dimensional star. Extreamly fragile, Stardust emit a low energy that can be sensed by any magic user. Many a mage seek stardust as its properties alow it to enhance the magic level of the user by ten fold.

Special eye wear is a must have, as it is essential to anyone living in or near the desert. Not as rare as the Stardust, a black crystal called a Darkstar usually found near volcanic areas and several of the mountainous areas of Aurame, can block out the excess light reflected off the Stardust Desert. As a fragile crstyal in one form, Stardust shatteres easily into a very pure, very fine sand, hence the reason for needing the Darkstars. The entire desert is made of Stardust in its sand form. Stardust can also be melted from its crystal form into a liquid which has several uses all its own. Refined into protective eyewear by jewelers in Veranosh, black crystal glasses are worn by everyone as the city sits at the edge of the desert, even the windows have panes of black crystal.

Darkstars, like Stardust, can also be melted into a liquid state with multiple uses and it is only in this form that it retians magical properties. Despite the name, darkstars do not hold any dark magic in the liquid state, but it will enhance any element and tends to take on that elements characteristics. Both Darkstars and Stardust are belived to be the crystaline tears of Azalia and Dirakar, the Goddess of Light and God of Darkness.
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