Dragon's Nest


The northern coast of Azali is mountainous terrain with mesas, plateaus, peaks and deep canyons, running from Miralee on the west peninsula, to D'nira on the east peninsula. The widest and deepest canyon valley is called Dragon's Nest, running from just northwest of D'nira to just northeast of lake Krysali. Named so for the numerous caves that speckle the cliff sides the whole length. Long ago, the valley was filled with dragons, as it was a common nesting ground for the great winged beasts. Now, many of the caves are empty, and a dragon is rare to see outside of the valley.

D'nira's elite force of knigths, the Dragon Knights, must journey through the valley, find a dragon and get his or her blessing as a Dragon Knight. Saliir's prince, Arkady D'lan did what no other dragon knight ever dared to do. Walking the entire valley length, a three day journey on foot, two barring sleep. Arkady returned with the blesseing of Nightshade, the Dark Star Dragon and eldest of the dragons in the valley, next to their queen, Ivory Wing.

Many of the dragons are old, and they seem to be a dying race. Most are friendly and appreciate the company of a vistor. For those that have always dreamed to meeting a dragon, Dragon's Nest is the place to go.

Here, seven of the few dragons in the valley are displayed.

Nightshade, the Dark Star Dragon
Lionmane, the Gold Dragon
Jadeite, the Jade Dragon
Ivory Wing, the Silver Moon Dragon
Firestar, the Crimson Blade Dragon
Moonwater, the Blue Sea Dragon
Krysalian, the White Dragon

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