Temple of Dirakar


The Goddess of Light has two temples, the Sinazar Temples in Crais and Miralee. However, the God of Darkness only has one. Commonly known as the Black Pyramid, The temple of Dirakar sits at the center of Dymlos, city of darkness as those that live there call it. During the day, the pyramid looms its shadow over the city while the people go about their daily lives. Anyone in their right mind would not live in this city, however that is not the case, as the city's populas has no where else to go. They have a strict law, with only a few rules, that they urge foreigners to Dymlos heed. One, never go out at night. Stay inside, doors locked, windows closed. When the sun sets, find safe haven till morning. Two, If you happen to posses dark magic, do not use it in plain sight or during the day at all.

The sun sets and a new scene is laid out over the city. Minds warped by the dark magic that flows into the city from the nearby ravine, the criminals and dark magic users not seen in the light of day, creep out from their hiding places and mingle with one another. Dymlos, in this aspect is a two sided city. The day life lives in fear of the night life and vice versa. The High Priest of the temple is one that is a s two sided as the city itself. He walks the day as a priest of the temple, and at night has his own agendas.
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