Dirakar Castle


Said to be as old as time itself, this dark and mysterious castle stands on the top of a lone peak in the middle of Rivenmyst, the Ravine that splits the land of Azali in two. Like the Dark Tower to the Northwest, and Dymlos to the southeast, dark magic rafts through the ravine and castle like the waves of an ocean. Far stronger than that of the Dark Tower and Dymlos combined, Dirakar Castle is a becon to dark magic users and those brave enough, or insane enough, to want to harness the manapool of darkness. But to reach the castle, one must venture through the Black Forest, a part of the Saliir Forest that has been warped by the ravine's dark magic. These effects are also seen in Dymlos, which is the closest city to the ravine. To wander along the road alone is to be asking for death to come right to you. Savage wolves roams the dark forest along the side of the road, waiting for some poor fool to loose his way.

Even then, if one should make it to the gates that seperated the road from the long expanse of bridge that crosses the ravine, there is another guard of the castle whose howls echo through the castle walls and resound within even the bravest soul's heart. Many an adventurer has turned back upon hearing the three howls of the demon hound, reported to be seen near the castle. A three headed demon hound, far worse than the wolves, they say. But, only one knows the real story behind the Cerberus, as it has been dubbed. The soul master of the castle, a mysterious figure rarely seen away from the castle, with fur said to be black as midnight on a moonless summer night, and amber eyes the glow withing the darkness of the hood of its cloak. A midnight blue cloak conceals his features and when seen outside his castle, is often seen with the demon hound, who walks by his side.

Seen as the lord of Dirakar Castle, Setsuna Meioh is not in truth, the true lord of the castle. He found the castle empty, yet preserved as if time itself held no meaning there. All but the westwing that is, which looked like it had been ransacked. Even Setsuna's dark magic could not restore its condition, but what was remarkable was what he found there. A black rose, in full bloom floating on a table under a glass dome. Setsuna could feel th immense dark power flowing from its ebony petals and even to thise day, has not touched the rose. It seemed to be a token left by the former lord, where ever he may have gone.
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