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Syndara Message Board

Imagine a place filled with mystery...2 worlds, separate and yet so alike. Basking in the glow of their twin suns is the dual planetary system of Syndara, where the mystical and the high tech coexist, revolving around each other. What will you find on these worlds? Enter Syndara and explore Aurame and Ranath; which one will call you to stay?

Feel free to visit the room by clicking on any of the 3 banners found on this HomePage!

Main Purpose

The 2 planets--or realms--are meant to satisfy everyone, with a more technology advanced Ranath for those leaning towards the high tech, and Aurame for those who prefer to keep their atmosphere in a more fantasy setting.

IMC Site Rules

IMC Terms of Service

Basic Rules of Syndara

1. Godmoding. Noone likes to play when they have no control of what happens to their C's and things go unfairly, especially in a battle. So please, no godmoding.
2. Pic Size. Pic limitations are the same as standard IMC rules: nothing over 50k.
3. Fights. This should be a non-issue, since everyone is here for the same reason, to have fun. We're not about making fun of someone else or being mean.
4. IC/OOC. Talking OOC is more than alright, as long as others know you're OOC, which will eliminate any confusion.
5. Tag. an addition to your tagline will make it known which planet your C is from: Aurame or Ranath. It won't take away from your tag and it will help to keep confusion to a minimum.
6a. No Humans. This is a Furry RP, so remember, no humans on either planet. Besides, What's a Furry RP if it has humans? Muns are permitted a human picture, but hopefully a furry picture can be found for use in Syndara.
6b. "Cat-People". These are allowed, since they're not human. True, they're human-looking cats, but this will be permissible. They're furry enough, but not if they simply look like humans with ears, paw-gloves, and a tail. If you need an example of an cat-person, email me or IM me. 
6c. "Non-Furry Furries". Reptilian anthros, bird anthros, etc are still considered furries, even though they aren't technically "furry". Any anthropomorphic creature is technically a furry, so birds,reptiles, fish, and amphibians are welcome.
7.  Content.  This is an M rated room, so there will be some language within the RPs themselves and  during OOC chats. I am not one to regulate how you talk; I feel everyone is mature enough to know when something is too offensive to be said.  However, explicit material--either in the picture or the RP itself--will not be tolerated.  This is a place for Everyone to enjoy Furry RP's, NOT a place for nudity or cybersex.  Pictures too sexual in nature will be asked to be taken down or re-edited.

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