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Jade Claw Clan

Assassins, Thieves, Mercenaries, Spies


Emristad Jadeclaw. Leader of the Jade Claw Clan. His age is unknown. None know from where he comes, or from who. He gained control of the Jade Claw after entering it several years back, and killing the former leader as he slept. No creature has any clue of his true powers or potential.


Naj'Ta (Last Name, Age Unknown). Naj'Ta is the High Priestess of Dirakar Temple in Dymlos, and one of very few Sorceresses within the Jade Claw. Her powers are well known throughout the group, and many travel to Dirakar to seek her council.


Jason Alexander Tripp. 24. Spy. Works as a fisherman when not collecting info,and is good at many trades but doesnt let anyone know that. His parents were slaves and gave him away so he wouldn't become one. Orginally from Saliir, but doesn't remember his childhood, was brought to Watercrest at age 7 and learned to fish.