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With its sister planet Ranath dominating the sky as its moon, Aurame is a mystical realm where fantsasy reigns, kingdoms abound, and adventure is around every forested turn; it's a world of magic and warriors with beautiful crystal falls, lush jungles and forests, deserts, and other places of unspeakable beauty.

Basic Aurame Information

Map of Aurame

Geography of Azali

Geography of Kysar

Continent of Azali

Continent of Kysar

Key Points of Interest

More About the Wonders of Aurame

SunCircle Temple

Rules of Aurame:

1. Magic. Magic is allowed, but nothing too powerful. Basically if it can't be defeated, then it's too much. Mass destruction magic should be kept to a minimum. Elemental magic is ok.

Specific Groups:

Jade Claw Clan

The Jade Claw

The Jade Claw Clan is a ruthless group of Assassins, Mercenaries, Smugglers and Spies. Their base is in the desert, though their name is known over many lands. They are known instantly by their symbol, a jade green claw.

If you wish to have a C be a member of the Jade Claw Clan, please contact for permission. This will keep it from resulting in everyone's C being in the Jade Claw.