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Sharing the same suns as it's "sister" planet, Ranath is a world of technology and innovation, with progressive societies based on rationality, logic and major cities.


Space Transport Technology

Sheilds and Ship Metals

Continents in Detail

Rules of Ranath

1. Technology. This planet is advanced, even with possibly some space technology, but nothing overly destructive like, big giant mechs running around. We like our planet as is.
2. Non-Interference. Ranath sees its sister planet as a place of little interest, and therefore no interaction between the 2 ocurrs. This maintains the interest of both realms. There is also a sanction stating that any and all ships seen nearing Aurame will be shot down, as noone from Ranath is permitted there.
3. Mutant or "Super-Furs".  Furs with stronger than natural powers are referred to as superfurs. It must be remembered that this isn't a room of mutant-furs or a lot of supernaturally-gifted furs. A vampire or genetically altered fur here and there will be permissable, but if it is seen that the majority of furs end up with large amounts of superhuman/mutant/genetically altered abilities, then they will have to be changed or removed to preserve the structure of Ranath at the discretion of the Host.

Ranath Technology and Aurame:
Aside from the obvious sanction, it is forbidden and impossible for any vessel or probe from Ranath to enter Aurame airspace. Not only is this to preserve both worlds as they are, but also because of the rare celestial phenomena that occurs from the 2 sister planets revolving simultaneously around each other. The gravitational fields and other astronomical occurances make the space around Aurame a Dead Zone. No vessel or probe may enter Aurame because nothing from the technologically advanced planet would function. The ship or probe would simply float in space high above the atmosphere until it was retrieved by Ranath Enforcer authorities, at which point all persons inolved would be detained by the government for a time, and their ship destroyed. Therefore, it is impossible to even breach the airspace of Aurame.